Reasons You Should Not Sleep Immediately After Your Dinner

Reasons You Should Not Sleep Immediately After Your Dinner

It is great to follow a healthy diet to gain maximum benefits for your health. After putting a lot of efforts, including the things you do in daily routine, you should always take proper rest. Taking rest is utmost important. But, lie down right after you finish a meal is an extremely bad habit.

Although it is common practice to have a good snooze after a heavy dinner. But, this daily routine can put a bad impact on our system. Following are a few reasons why one should not sleep immediately after dinner.


It is one of the reasons not to sleep immediately after a meal. When a person lies down, the acid, which helps in the digestion process, rises up to the oesophagus and can move towards the throat. This can create a burning sensation around the chest area. This causes heart \burn and can sometimes, lead to disturbed sleep.


Sleeping after a meal can impact sleep. When our body takes a snooze, it is also good for the digestive system to take some rest. It can lead to insomnia, a sleep disorder. Thus, it is best not to sleep, keeping your stomach full. Rather, go for a walk and get a sound sleep.


When we sleep after completing a meal without performing any task, the sugar level in the blood goes up. This can lead to higher risk of type II diabetes. Doctors usually advise to sleep only after 2 hours of having dinner.


When we are moving to a couch soon after completing a meal, our body is at a higher risk of indigestion. Acid reflux and bloating is not good for proper digestion. The moment we lie down, there is not much help of gravity to push the food content down into the stomach. Due to improper closing of the valve between the food pipe and stomach, the acid, which should help in the digestion process, gets pushed into the oesophagus, thus triggering corrosion of the inner lining of the food pipe.


Good digestion can lead to the benefit of managing both the cholesterol level as well as the blood pressure in our body.But, the failure to perform both this task can sometimes lead to higher risk of different ailments such as heart stroke.


The timing of eating is not as important as the eating quantity. In order to lose the weight, one must burn off all the calories that we intake. It does not matter whether we have taken all the extra calories at night or in the morning. Eating late at night also has its own share of disadvantages. Continuous practice of eating late at night can develop weakened willpower and impaired judgment along with long-term tiredness.


Sleeping directly after dinner is one of the leading causes of obesity. This is not related to the habit of eating. Rather, it is more important to know the kind of food consumed by us right before sleeping. Weight gain can lead to risk of stroke and also various ailments.

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